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Note on the side: major proteins of translocation complex closely related to proteins that translocate polypeptides through plasma membrane in E. coli ------ old and highly conserved secretion process Proteins localized in membranes of ER, Golgi, lysosome and plasma membrane same transport route like water-soluble proteins, but travel as membrane components (Fig. 9.9, note the orientation that is preserved during transport: protein part exposed to lumen will end up exposed to cell exterior) inserted into ER membrane while synthesized If proteins synthesized on free ribosomes
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Unformatted text preview: folded and processed in cytosol transported to • nucleus : specific amino acid sequence called nuclear localization signal that direct their transport through the nuclear pore complex (signal is internal sequence, is not cleaved) • mitochondrion and chloroplast : signal sequence at amino terminal end (cleaved following import) But protein transport into mitochondria and chloroplasts actually more complex, because several localizations possible (remember that these organelles are surrounded by two membranes: contain more than one compartment!)...
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