Oligosaccharide - Glycogen and starch are composed entirely...

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Oligosaccharide - from two to ten monosaccharide units joined in glycosidic linkage. Two monosaccharides can be joined by dehydration synthesis which involves the removal of a molecule of water and the formation of a glycosidic bond (Fig. 4) . Polysaccharides - contain many monosaccharide units joined in long linear or branched chains. Most polysaccharides contain recurring monosaccharide units of only a single kind or two alternating kinds.
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Unformatted text preview: Glycogen and starch are composed entirely of glucose molecules in the configuration in which the principal linkage is between the C1 of one unit and the C4 of the second unit (Fig. 4) . In addition, both glycogen and one form of starch ( amylopectin ) contain occasional (1-6) linkages, in which carbon 1 of one glucose is joined to carbon 6 of a second glucose. These linkages lead to the formation of branches...
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