other DNA sequences - are responsible for both creating a...

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other DNA sequences flanked by an insertion sequence on each side (each side contains a transposase gene flanked by short inverted repeats). Complex transposons also move as a single unit . (Therefore actually any kind of DNA sequence may be part of a transposon and move throughout the genome, as long as it is flanked by insertion sequences.) The frequency of transposition of composite transposons declines with increasing distance between IS sequences. The IS elements code for transposase activities that
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Unformatted text preview: are responsible for both creating a target site and for recognizing the ends of the transposon. Complex transposons may be replicated by either conservative or replicative transposition . Some transposons, instead of being cut out, are actually replicated and only the replicated transposon is inserted into a new site. Process is termed: Replicative Transposition...
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