Phases of transcription

Phases of transcription - open-promoter complex initiation...

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Phases of transcription Specific binding of RNA polymerase : RNA polymerase can bind to double-stranded DNA nonspecifically with low affinity (low strength) The holoenzyme (with sigma subunit) binds specifically to both the -10 and -35 sequence with high affinity ---- resulting in a closed-promoter complex The holoenzyme unwinds about 15 bases in double-stranded DNA around the initiation site for transcription ---- resulting in an
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Unformatted text preview: open-promoter complex initiation : Transcription starts by base pairing of two rNTPs that are joined (therefore, the very first ribonucleotide in a newly transcribed RNA retains the triphosphate) When approximately 10 rNTPs are jointed by phosphodiester bonds [resulting in the loss of 2 phosphate groups from each rNTP], the sigma subunit is released from the core enzyme...
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