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Polarity - cells the major MTOC is the centrosome •...

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Polarity : Alpha tubulin exposed at one end of microtubule and beta tubulin exposed at the other. Same for all protofilaments so microtubule itself has polarity. o One end (beta tubulin end) plus end o Opposite end (alpha tubulin end) minus end This polarity is important in determining the direction of movement of motors such as Kinesin and Dynein along microtubules. Microtubules in most cells extend outward from a microtubule-organizing center in which the minus ends of the microtubules are anchored. In animal
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Unformatted text preview: cells, the major MTOC is the centrosome . • Centrosomes contain gamma tubulin. Gamma tubulin appears to play a key role in microtubule nucleation. Gamma tubulin rings serve as a start site or nucleation site for the growth of one microtubule. • The centrioles, also found within the centrosome have no role in the nucleation of microtubules and their function remains somewhat of a mystery. [plant cells lack centrioles]...
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