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Tertiary Structure of Proteins

Tertiary Structure of Proteins - ribonuclease(Note to view...

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Tertiary Structure of Proteins Tertiary structure is the further folding of a protein molecule where diverse parts of the molecule are held together and interact between r-groups via the following types of bonds: Hydrogen bond Hydrophobic interactions Ionic bonds Disulfide bonds Tertiary folding of polypeptides determines the three-dimensional structure of the protein. Explore the tertiary of the three dimensional structure of small protein,
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Unformatted text preview: ribonuclease . (Note: to view ribonuclease interactively on your Web browser, the free Chemscape Chime plug-in viewer must be installed in your browser's plug-in folder.) Be sure to select the options and view the hydrogen and disulfide bonds. This will show how the helicies and sheets are held together in three dimensional space....
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