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The Second Level The H1 binds and pulls the chromatosomes together by coiling into fibers which are approximately 30 nm thick. This structure is termed a 30nm chromatin fiber . See Fig. 4 H1 can be removed and the beads on a string structure stays intact but the 30 nm fiber structure is lost. Saccharomyces lacks H1 and its DNA does not form the 30nm chromatin fiber structure. H1- is composed of an amino terminal arm, a globular central portion, and a carboxyl
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Unformatted text preview: terminal arm. To give you an idea of conservation of the process. Histones will even package bacterial DNA into nucleosomes in vitro ! Doesn't occur naturally in bacterial cells because there is no histones. Higher Levels The 30 nm chromatin fibers are further condensed by looping . Even further condensation occurs during the transistion from chromatin to the highly condensed metaphase chromosome. This transition is less well understood....
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