TRANSDUCING PHAGE - is a likely possibility. [very similar...

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TRANSDUCING PHAGE Term transduction refers to the packaging of bacterial DNA (chromosomal DNA) into the phage capsid. This occurs with only a small % of phage. In specialized transduction During induction, a prophage is excised from the bacterial chromosome and carries along with it some of the chromosomal DNA. In other words, there is an imprecise excision of the prophage DNA. The chromosomal DNA probably does not represent entire genes, but when this phage infects a bacterial cell, homologous recombination
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Unformatted text preview: is a likely possibility. [very similar to formation of F' bacterium] In generalized transduction Bacterial DNA fragments are randomly (and accidentally) packaged into the capsid along with the phage genome. This occurs during the lytic cycle and is especially common in situations in which the host cell DNA is fragmented during conversion phase....
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