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Transformation experiments - Heat-killed S> Mouse lives...

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Transformation experiments: 1928 - Griffith -Microbiologist working with Streptococcus pneumoniae Also known as: Pneumococcus (Fig. 3.6) S strain - smooth edged colonies virulence of strain associated with the polysaccharide coat or capsule protects them from the immune response of the host R strain - rough edged colonies no polysaccharide capsule non-pathogenic Live S-----------------> Mouse dies Live R-----------------> Mouse lives
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Unformatted text preview: Heat-killed S----------> Mouse lives Heat-killed S+ live R---> Mouse dies-necropsied animals, only S strain bacteria found some property of the dead S bacteria transformed the R "the Transforming Principle " Later it was demonstrated that heat killed S could be replaced by cell extract. Extract of S + live R-------------> Mouse dies which molecule in heat-killed S transforming principle?...
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