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VACUOLES - Compounds noxious to predators or various...

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VACUOLES May carry out many of the function of the lysosome in the plant cell and algal cell. Contains acid hydrolases and the pH of the vacuole is maintained at a low value. As much as 90% of the volume of a plant cell may be occupied by a large central vacuole containing water, stored food, salts, pigments, and wastes. Plants lack systems for disposing of metabolic waste products that are toxic to the cells. Such waste products often aggregate and form small crystals inside the vacuole. The vacuole plays an important function as a storage compartment.
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Unformatted text preview: Compounds noxious to predators or various compounds used in the plant defense against pathogens may be stored here. Vacuoles are also involved in plant cell enlargement and in maintaining cell rigidity. Vacuoles are also present in several different types of animal cells and in many protozoa. Protozoa often have food or digestion vacuoles which fuse with lysosomes so that the food can be digested. Many also have contractile vacuoles which function to remove excess water from the cell....
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