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Organizational Communication- Lecture #1 Our Complicated World o Globalization- We’re getting smaller because of our connections with technology o Terrorism- Terrorism comes together because of communication. How do we deal with that? o Climate Change- Changes the development of industrialization. o Changing Demographics o Others? Hooked on Gadgets o Multi-tasking and technology are cutting into creativity and deep thought o Heavy multi-taskers have trouble shutting out irrelevant information o Experience more stress o Technology is rewiring our brains McDonald’s Medicine o Convenience has become an important part of the way people think about health care. o The prospect of waiting for health care is not only distasteful to Americans, it’s downright threatening. o We need to communicate more clearly the key difference between two concepts: severity and urgency. Constitutive Model of Communication o Communication is: Historically and culturally rooted
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Unformatted text preview: Reflexive- meaning culture effects communication which in turn affects culture. Influences society and has practical implications (even political ones). Legitimate intellectual discipline on its own. • Seven Approaches to Communication o Rhetorical- The art of discourse. o Semiotic- All about symbols. Everything we do in communication is about symbols. o Phenomenological- The interaction between two people---dialogue that takes place. This is the phenomenon within the interaction. Listening to how things are said. o Cybernetic- Information processing. What type of things do we need from technology to effectively communicate? o Sociopsychological- What is the style that we use to communicate? o Sociocultural- Looking at how cultures interact. o Critical- If you were looking at communication and you were trying to understand why a group is marginalized or put in a position that makes them inferior....
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