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CMST 342 Aug 18 2011 - -Organizational and Individual...

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CMST 342 Organizational Communication Basic Transmission Model: -Sender (Encodes)------Message-----Receiver (Decodes) -Message is sent on a channel -Feedback (Noise) comes from not understanding or misinterpreting the message. -Noise is something that takes away from the message. Ex. Failed reception (phone), internet interruption…. What is an organization? -Existence of a social collectivity (you could say this class is an org.)
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Unformatted text preview: -Organizational and Individual Goals-Org. Goals- to make money-Ind. Goals- to make money, self satisfaction, etc.-Coordinating Activity-Car Company- We have to build a car then we also have to make an ad campaign to sell these cars.-Organizational Structure-Embedding of the organization within an environment of other organizations.-Ex. Finance dept, Comm. Dept., Human Resources, etc....
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