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CMST 312 Aug 23 - messages significantly influence...

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Introducing Interpersonal Communication Communication : How we use messages to convey meanings in different situations. Process Uses messages Occurs in contexts Transmitted through channels Transmitted with media Three Models of Communication : Linear Communication Model- Info Source---Transmitter-----Channel----- Receiver------Destination. (In the middle you have a noise source) o Sender, Message, Receiver Interactive Model- Takes feedback into account, such as verbal and nonverbal cues. Message moves in a loop. Your field of experience is taken into account with this type of model. o Ex. If you and a friend are mugged and you have experienced a mugging there will be two different types of reactions. Transaction Model- This model moves back and forth. The real message is in the middle. Interpersonal Communication : Dynamic form of communication between 2 (or more) people;
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Unformatted text preview: messages significantly influence communicators. o Dynamic o Transactional o Dyadic o Creates impact • I-Thou-Treated like an individual • I-It- Objectively treated Five Principles: I.C. conveys both content and relationship information o Meryl Streep acted like she was of higher status and speaking to people of lower status. I.C. can be intentional and unintentional I.C. is irreversible I.C. is dynamic (never going to have the same conversation twice) I.C. is intertwined with ethics Hot Topics!: Cultural differences- This matters much more now because of technology. We interact with other cultures more often more Online Communication Interpersonal Communication’s “Dark Side” Gender and Sexual Orientation- Have to be very careful with biological vs. social differences....
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