How Do You Approach Conflict

How Do You Approach Conflict - jointly Accommodating I try...

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How Do You Approach Conflict? SELF-QUIZ Instructions: Read through the statements, placing a check mark next to each statement with which you agree. Avoiding Competing Cont. ___ I keep issues to myself. ___ I sometimes use my power to win. ___ I usually avoid open discussion of my ___ I use my expertise to make sure differences with others. decisions go my way. ___ I try to stay away from topics of disagreement. Collaborating ___ I keep disagreements to myself to avoid ___ I try to investigate issues to find hard feelings. solutions acceptable to both parties. ___ I try to avoid unpleasant exchanges. ___ I try to integrate my ideas with those of others to come up with a decision
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Unformatted text preview: jointly. Accommodating ___ I try to work with others to find ___ I generally try to satisfy others’ needs. solutions that satisfy both our expectations. ___ I usually accommodate others wishes. ___ I exchange information with others ___ I give in to others’ desires. so we can solve problems together. ___ I often go with others’ suggestions. ___ I try to bring all our concerns out in the open so issues can be resolved. ___ I try to satisfy others’ expectations. Competing ___ I use my influence to get my ideas accepted ___ I use my authority to make decisions go in my favor. ___ I generally pursue my side of an issue...
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