CMST 352 - o Scientists Independent(you can look and touch o Interpretivists Dependent(all dependent on data • Axiology-What is the role of

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CMST 352- Research Paradigms Paradigm- A way of knowing or seeing the world. Two governing types of paradigms in communications: o Interpretivists o Scientific Ontology- Why do we do the things we do? There are laws that dictate why things will happen. o Scientists- Single Reality o Interpretivists- Multiple Realities (no such thing as law-like nature) Epistemology- How do we know what we know?
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Unformatted text preview: o Scientists- Independent (you can look and touch) o Interpretivists- Dependent (all dependent on data) • Axiology-What is the role of values in research? o Scientists- Value Neutral o Interpretivists- Value Laden • Methodology- How you approach the research. o Scientists- Deductive o Interpretivists- Inductive...
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