Face Saving in a Computer Mediated Setting

Face Saving in a Computer Mediated Setting - because they...

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Face Saving in a Computer Mediated Setting When communicating over the internet, people often find themselves misinterpreted and misrepresented. To avoid this problem, it is important to allow one’s opponents to make concessions gracefully, without having to admit that they made a mistake or backed down. Often a simple change in wording or an exchange of concessions will help negotiators maintain a positive image, even when they are actually giving in very substantially. People who are involved in a conflict and secretly know they are wrong will often not admit that they are wrong
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Unformatted text preview: because they don’t want to admit they made a mistake. They therefore continue the conflict, just to avoid the embarrassment of looking bad. (University of Colorado, 1998). If someone is writing about you or pretending to be you in a blog, on a MySpace page or other website, e-mail the person who did it and tell them they do not have your permission. You will have to open an account on that site to send them e-mail. Tell them that you strongly suggest they take it down (OEA, 2004)....
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