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S.A.M.P.L.E. S= Storage - Lifelong friends that realized there was something else between them. - You know a lot about the other because you have known them for a while. - They tend to be satisfied with routine. A=Agapic - A totally one sided relationship. - Ex. Richard Nixon was Agapic. One sided relationships when one person is in love with the other but the other person does not really care. - Ex. Always happy to take their lover for medical attention from their previous relationships. - They are true to whoever they are with. They really want the other person to be happy. - It is possible for both people to be agapic. - They are both very patient.
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Unformatted text preview: M=Manic-Fight a lot-Ex. The crazy girl who broke her hand on a tree. P=Pragna-Focused on potential of relationship-Pragmatic-Ex. Gold diggers-Ex. People who want to be financially stable before they get into a relationship. L=Ludic-Want you to say you love them, and then they dump you.-Only in it for the chase.-Physical appearance of the partner is not that important.-Dates with ludics are very fun. E=Eros-Hollywood romance-Totally romantic love-Absolutely certain that they are in love with the other person.-Always trying to convince the other that they are in love with them....
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