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David K. Behm Persuasive Speech Outline 04/13/2011 TOPIC: TRANSFORMING THE SUNSPHERE I. INTRO: A. Attention getter: By a show of hands how many of you think that Knoxville is a fun and exciting city to live in? Probably not very many. B. Thesis: In this presentation, I will explain to you why the historic and iconic significance of Knoxville Tennessee’s Sunsphere gives reason to the city of Knoxville to develop it into a lucrative and entertaining business. Because of this, I would like to insist that a level on the Sunsphere be turned into a radio station featuring live performances daily. C. Credibility: My name is David Behm and I have lived in Knoxville for my entire life. I used to see life in Knoxville as a burden, however over the years I have come to love and respect this great city and would like to see it develop. D. Reason: It has recently come to my attention that the Public Building Authority of Knoxville has been searching for new development ideas for the World’s Fair Park that will help tourism boom. Aside from college football, Knoxville seems to lack a certain something that gives it an edge over more densely populated cities, and I believe it needs to focus on an alternative crowd for this to happen. E. Preview: I believe that establishing a radio station in the Sunsphere would be a great way to start this movement.
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TRANSITION: I would now like to start off my presentation by giving you a little bit of history on the Sunsphere. II. HISTORY
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Persuasive Speech Outline - David K. Behm Persuasive Speech...

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