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notes (dec 3) - All pregnancy tests measure levels of HGC...

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By the time the second period rolls around, the pregnant women might have some spotting; it doesn’t necessarily mean a miscarriage but they should inform their obstetrician about it If the blood that appears is bright red and there is cramping, she might be worried that she is going through a miscarriage If the woman feels pain only on one side of the body, the woman can be worried that she’s going through atopic pregnancy (fetus implants in the fallopian tube); so tube and fetus will be lost The cervix around 6 weeks will have a purplish color b/c of gestation
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Unformatted text preview: All pregnancy tests measure levels of HGC HGC level approximately every 24 hours If you get an ambigious results on ur pregnancy test then youll have to wait at least 24 or 48 hours for the level of HGC to double The first kick can occur btw 15 to 22 wks Alpha feta protein test is a screening; if results are high it shows that there is a neural tube defect; if the results are low, its indicative of down syndrome Lungs are the last thing to mature in a baby...
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