juliet's diary - shedding for the fool me How shellfish of...

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Wednesday, May 19, 1503 Ooh. .. how the heart ache has been killing me slowly. My parents whose life I tender as dearly as mine own had exploded in front of my bare eyes for my very own mistake I could not nor do I wish to fix. My dear husband whom I really longed to meet is far from my eyesight for he is sadly still banished. Even my trustworthy nurse turns into an ancient damnation persuade me to forget my love and saying that in order for me to amend my unfortunate life, I have to marry Paris. Should death be my escape then? Would death taste better than living a life full of soreness? But then my already troubles-husband would sink even more so in his depression knowing that I, his lover, is death. And never did I wish for his tears
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Unformatted text preview: shedding for the fool me. How shellfish of me! I do not know what to do, dear lord. O think’st thou we shall ever meet again Romeo? Where is he? And how doth he? Take me and let’s runaway together then Romeo because my heart skip a beat every time I heard any bad news coming from you. Let me recover my tired heart by having you lay beside me every time the dawn is rising. I could not possibly care less if my life is full of sin to my parents if as long as I have you, my darling Romeo. Ooh… how could my mind replete with such hideous ideas? Has my mind gone crazy by now since I miss of my Romeo too much? I’ll to the Friar Lawrence to know his remedy of my troublesome heart....
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juliet's diary - shedding for the fool me How shellfish of...

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