Have you ever been sleep at the school

Have you ever been sleep at the school - come to the school...

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Have you ever been slept at the school? What does it feel like? I saw my friend was sleeping at the first class, I know that feeling because sometimes I did it too. We felt sleepy! I will talk about a change in school rules. If I may, I would like to change the school time. For instance, all of student in SMA 3 Bogor (my country) must come to the school at 7.00 A.M. Most of students are still too sleepy to begin the class. If we late, we must go home and surely the attendance is absence. The school administration will call our parents and they have to
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Unformatted text preview: come to the school to explain the reasons. So, some student comes to the school with yawning face and we sometime see students sleeping in the class. Another example is my own case. I always go to sleep so late to do all the homework, usually after midnight. I sometime fell asleep at my desk. I closed my eyes and was resting my head on my arm. I was so tired to keep my eyes open, especially in the first class. As most of student felt asleep I think most students will agree to change the rule of school time. Hanifa Ayunisa...
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