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In my opinion - are able to hear the sound The sound can...

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In my opinion, using cell phones in school is wrong because they can distract the concentration of yourself, your friends and your teacher from the lesson. Even if you do not use them for talking, using a text message or internet. Cell phone can distract your concentration because when someone sends you a message, they can persuade you to open that message. For the effect you will lost your focus on your class. Secondly, using cell phone can also distract concentration of your friends. For example, you use your cell phone to listen to music. Your friends who are close to you
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Unformatted text preview: are able to hear the sound. The sound can disturb their focus towards the lesson. Moreover, using cell phone can distract concentration of your teachers too. When your teachers explain the subject and then your cell phone rings, that situation can distract your teachers’ concentration. They need to stop the lesson for a while and ask about the owner of the cell phone. Sometimes the teachers forget what they have to say before. Those examples indicate that using cell phone in the class is very distracting, so that is why we should not use cell phone in school....
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