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Hanifa Ayunisa Pd.4 05/06/10 In Neverland we try to make a utopia place by having no haters rule to be able to live in a peaceful way and to prevent members in this community from becoming bad people. In this community, there is no fight, riot, crime, or revenge because people are born to be a good person. They will love and help each other all the time. For example, when they have a problem, they will not choose to fight against the others to solve the problem; they will talk to each other, make some agreement, and solve the problem. Without hated to the others, people will be able to love each other, which is good for making a peaceful island. Having this rule is also good to prevent
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Unformatted text preview: the members in this island from becoming bad people. The other communities may feel jealous because of this perfect island and try to influence the members in this island to be a bad person. They can say that fighting or having a war is a better way to solve a problem. They will explain their ideas, and as a result people in Neverland may be influenced. If this problem happens in this community, it’s going to be the worst problem ever. So, we try to prevent this action by having no haters rule. I believe that having this rule is really a good idea because we can keep peace among the people and make this lovely world becomes a better one....
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