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Why Do People Get Married? Everyone thinks about getting married at some point in their lives, and many go ahead and do it. There are  many good reasons to get married but e very couple has different reasons to get married that apply to their unique relationship.   In my opinion people get married because of two important reasons. These two reasons are to escape from loneliness and to get protection. Many people feel lonely when they are single. For example, after a full day at work a man backs home but there is nobody there for him, nobody expects him. He may feel isolated because nobody wants to return to an empty home. He or may fear that he will always be alone for the rest of his life, cannot find someone else to share his life. This example is one of the reasons why people choose to get married. The second reason is to get protection. Often people feel comfortable when there is
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Unformatted text preview: protection shield around them, especially females, once married. Women are at a greater risk when single, of being robbed, raped and teased. Once a woman gets married she feels secure in the arms of her man and also that woman can make sure that she will be stay safe from many dangerous accidents. Men on the other hand, feel wanted and they like the fact of being superior as they shelter a woman. He may feel like some kind of a knight. As those feeling complement each other, both of them choose to get married. In conclusion, each people may find many reasons to get married. It is important for couples to truly examine their relationship and decide why they want to make this commitment to one another. Some reasons are good but some may be bad. I believe that the two reasons I have explained are good and can make the relationship survive for a long time....
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