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“Working with Dreams” With practice and the right technique people can remember their dreams. After wake up, lie for a while, focusing the conscious mind on whatever ideas or emotions have emerged from sleep. Keeping a dream diary write down or sketch everything you can remember, make a note of any emotions, think back to the dream of the night before, re-read notes and be patient. Dream analysis recurring themes that emerge from a dream diary. Write down the object in the centre of a piece of paper, hold it in the mind, and note down all associated images and ideas. 3 different levels; Level 1 carrying little symbol meaning, level 2 the memories and ideas that emerge from dreams are purely personal associations, level 3 working as archetypal symbols. Tibetan Buddhism teaches that to gain control in the land of our dreams gives us control
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Unformatted text preview: in the realm after death, where conscious awareness can free the initiate the illusory cycle of birth and death. • Several techniques for establishing awareness in dreams: meditation and self-observation. • Sometimes answers are actually given in dreams. “Once More to the Lake” • Always return to the same lake in Maine during summer • The lake has never been what you would call a wild lake; people can live at the shore and eat their meals at the farmhouse. • Beyond any doubt that everything was as it always had been that the years were a mirage. Nothing changed, the small waves were the same, the boat was the same boat, the same color green and the ribs broken in the same places, etc. •...
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