draft essay 4 - Being responsible is one of the prime needs...

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Being responsible is one of the prime needs for any person who wants to live independently in this world. As a child grows, I learn to become more responsible for people who are around me. However, the sense of responsibility comes at different times with different reasons for different people. But for me, I decide to be responsible because of three big reasons: influence from myself, my parents, and my friends. The first reason why I am being responsible is because the influence from my own self. When I get older, I realize that I cannot depend on the other people’s side anymore; I need to take the responsibility from myself and from what I have done. This kind of thinking makes me aware that I need to do everything by myself. First, I need to make myself believe that I can do everything by myself. After I have this optimistic approach to life, I will not depend on the other people anymore, and I will learn to solve some problems by making some choices and taking some decisions. And when something bad happens, I will try as best as I can to solve the problem rather than being frustrated and disappointed because when I have the goal, such as to be a responsible person, I will have more power and motivate to achieve my goal. However, when I do some wrong decisions from my life, they will let me down because those mistakes will let me learn to grow and become more responsible. For example, when my parents are out of
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draft essay 4 - Being responsible is one of the prime needs...

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