essay 2 - Animals like human beings have feelings and they...

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Animals, like human beings, have feelings, and they can also express the feelings if we sensitive enough to sense them. According to both essay “Am I Blue?” and “Courage” animal could show their feelings through their behaviors and elements of body, like eyes. Animals could also make logical choices, and they might even share our values like helping the others. According to both essays, animal could express what they feeling inside mainly through their eyes. By seeing into animals’ eyes, human being could realize what the animals felt inside. “Am I blue?” explored that kind of animal’s feeling from the interaction between the author, Walker, and a horse, Blue. The lonely, sad eyes of Blue turned happy when he had a new horse friend, Brown. Blue even brought his friend to Walker, and that was when the author realized that there was something different in Blue’s eyes. There was “[a] look of independence, of self- possession, of inalienable horse ness” (Walker 179). However, Blue’s happiness did not last forever because somebody was taken Brown away; Brown had gone, and Blue lost his new friend. Blue looked at Walker, and Walker recognized that Blue missed his partner. An animal’s expression could also feel in a daily interaction “when he came up for apples, or I took apples to him, he looked at me. It was a look so piercing, so full of grief” (Walker 179). Similarly, according to “Courage”, a horse named Beauty also showed her feeling. There was some fear into her eyes when she tried to help a man named Gorther. “Beauty, whose eyes, he remembers, were bulging in fear” (von Kreisler 387). Both essays also demonstrated that animals could communicate their feelings to human beings through their behavior. Whenever Blue felt hungry and wanted something to eat, Blue showed through his behavior. “Sometimes he would stand very still just by the apple tree, and when one of us came out he would whinny, snort loudly, or stamp the ground. This meant, of course: I want an apple” (Walker 177). By looking at Blue’s behavior, of course, the author
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realized that Blue wanted an apple, so he fed him an apple.
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essay 2 - Animals like human beings have feelings and they...

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