notes - In and of Ourselves We Trust Did not go when the...

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“In and of Ourselves We Trust” Did not go when the traffic light turned red even there was nothing there; nor a car, neither a cop Wondering why stayed and refused to turn the light Stopped because it’s an agreement to trust each other most of the time Proud for stopping for that red light Told someone about how good Rooney was “What’s Your Best Time of Day?” In 1940s, Franz Halberg noticed that the number of white blood cells in laboratory mice was dramatically higher and lower at different time a day. By helping organize ourselves, we can work with our natural rhythms rather that against them can enhance our outlook on life as well as our performance at work and play. The most obvious daily rhythm is the sleep/ wake cycle. There was some differences person at 9 A.M. and 3 P.M. how you feel, how well you work, your level of alertness, your sensitivity to taste and smell. Reach peak of alertness around noon, soon after that, alertness declines. Short-memory = best during the morning. For student, it’s good for reviewing the test before the test is given. Long-term memory = best during afternoon. For student they can take some more difficult classes in the afternoon. Sports during afternoon and early evening people are able to react the quickest to an outside stimulus. Dinner tastes better than breakfast because all of 5 senses are good during late afternoon
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notes - In and of Ourselves We Trust Did not go when the...

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