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Hanifa Ayunisa EN 101/A Draft Outline Essay 2 December 11, 2010 Thesis: Animals, like human beings, have feelings, and they can express their feelings through eyes and behavior, and they can also make some choices. I. Similarities according to “Am I Blue?” and “Courage” A. Expressed feelings through eyes. 1. Expression when Brown came and left 2. A look of fear B. Communicated their feelings to human beings through their behavior.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Blue’s behaviors 2. General animal’s behavior and Ole’s behavior. C. Made logical choices. 1. Chose to be friend with Brown. 2. Chose to help Sultan, Gorter, and Anderson. II. Differences A. Based on personal story of the author. 1. Own experiences with Blue. 2. Blue and slavery B. Wrote about some laboratory experiments. 1. Rat 2. Beauty 3. Cat and rat...
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