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SIMMILARITIES blue n courageee

SIMMILARITIES blue n courageee - Hanifa Ayunisa EN 101A...

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Hanifa Ayunisa EN 101A October 26, 2010 SIMILARITIES Animals have choices Courage Beauty and Sultan leapt into the dangerous water and swam across to join them. In the strong current, beauty nudged Sultan along and kept him steady (von Kreisler 387) With all her strength, Beauty paddled through the raging current and tried to reach Sultan before he was carried downstream to his death. Gorter ran down the bank and also tried to grab the foal as the water took him away, but Gorter slipped and was swept into the torrent, too. Sputtering for air, he bobbed to the surface next to Beauty, whose eyes, he remembers, were bulging in fear. In spite of her panic, beauty stopped trying to get Sultan just long enough to shove Gorter with her nose toward the safety of the riverbank. (von Kreisler 387-8) When Beauty behaved so valiantly in such terrifying circumstances, it’s impossible for us to know with certainly what was on her mind. Perhaps she was acting impulsively, like a human mother who doesn’t think of herself for an instant when her child is in trouble; she does whatever she has to do, including dying herself, to save her child. (von Kreisler 388) Ole, always so fearful, couldn’t possibly to brave enough to come to his aid. But, Ole snarled and barked and snapped at the bear. He clamped his teeth into her leg with such ferocity, in fact, that she paused for instant, perhaps wondering if killing Anderson with this fierce dog around was more trouble that it was worth. (von Kreisler 390) Ole went crazy. Barking, yowling, and snapping, he hurled himself at the bear and bit part of her that he could reach. (von Kreisler 390) “Ole was determined to save me. He knew what he was doing.” Thrown into crisis, he went
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