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5thousands/60million.JewsinGermany(minority,middle class)33boycott j shops+business.34ban fromPublicPlace 35 (NurembergLawson Citizen shipandRace) hitler define whos J n not. Jcant beaCitizenof Reich.Jewscannothold publicoffice+right to vote, only Reich can.matterofblood (grandparents)cannot marry Reich. . JewsHavedif. ethnicity. 1937gave business to aryanization, 38NovKristallnacht night of broken glass.violenceAgainstJ.nofuture.hitlerin Power33, but J didn’t leave cause they couldn’t take their valuable,didn’texpect,noCountryLiked wearStar ofDavid->easy to identify(physical). 39-40Gdidnt have plan yet,sent J to ghetto(Warsaw d biggest).under guarded,easy to spread disease,lack of nutrition,notEnoughFood.Jwastelotsof bullets ,wanna find a new way->gasPoison.WanseeConference->howToSendJtoCampinPoland. Auschwitz=Biggest . antisemitisim!AryanizationPreventJfromEarningLiving.reduce2/3Jbusiness .KristallnachtIsolate+segregatefrom PublicArea->wanna makePureBloodAryanRaceCountry DestructionOfProperty.Einsatzgruppen= specializedGermanForce=mobileKillingUnitsnWent IntoActionbehindGLinesOnEasternFront.shotJ.estiblishedByReinhardHeydrich.WannseeConfere nceinBerlinon20jan42->finalsolution.90 min meeting n didn’t makePolicyDecision.secretDiscuss
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crazy ww2 note -...

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