german n ww2 - The SA(Storm-Abteilung or Stormtroopers were...

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The SA (Storm-Abteilung or Stormtroopers) were Hitler's own private army that he set up in 1921 . They were mostly young men who dressed in brown uniforms and were sometimes known as the Brown shirts . Supposedly the SA was formed to protect speakers at Nazi meetings from intimidation by left wing opponents. In practice however, the SA often started the violence themselves by breaking up the meetings of the Social Democratic Party which often ended in drunken brawls. The SS had been private body guards for Hitler and other Nazi leaders. SS stands for Schutz- Staffel or 'protection squad'. It had only 500 men but Heinrich Himmler was responsible for building it into an elite force of 50 0000 men. In 1934 they helped Hitler crush the SA and the role of the SS also changed . They become the main means of terrorizing or intimidating Germans into obedience. The SS had almost unlimited power to arrest people without trial, search houses or confiscate property. They also ran the concentration camps. Adolf Hitler was born in the Austrian border town of Braunau am Inn in 1889. When he was seventeen, he was refused admission to the Vienna Art Academy, having been found insufficiently talented. Adolf Hitler remained in Vienna, where he led a bohemian existence, acquiring an ideology based on belief in a German master race that was threatened by an international Jewish conspiracy responsible for many of the world's problems . Hitler remained in Vienna until 1913, when he moved to Munich. After serving with bravery in the German army during World War I, he joined the right-wing Bavarian German Workers' Party in 1919. The following year, the party changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers' Party (National-Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei--NSDAP). Its members were known as Nazis, a term derived from the German pronunciation of "National." In 1921 Hitler assumed leadership of the NSDAP. 1. Start The German Workers’ Party, led by Anton Drexler, was formed in 1919. Hitler joined and soon became leader. His speeches gave people scapegoats to blame for Germany’s problems: • The Allies. • The Versailles Treaty and the ‘November Criminals’ (the politicians who signed it). • The Communists, and:
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• The Jews. 2. Twenty-five Point Programme In 1920, the party renamed itself the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis), and announced its Twenty-Five Point Programme. At first, the Nazis were both nationalist (they believed in Germany’s greatness) and socialist (they believed the state should benefit everybody equally). 3. Mein Kampf After the failure of the Munich Putsch in 1923, Hitler was sent to Landsberg jail. There he wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle) advocating: National Socialism – loyalty to Germany, racial purity, equality and state control of the economy. Racism
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german n ww2 - The SA(Storm-Abteilung or Stormtroopers were...

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