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Hanifa Ayunisa HS 114 Assignment # II November 12, 2010 On September 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, things turned bad to most Polish Jews. Before the invasion, they made a lot of profits by running their businesses. However, in the society, Jews were actually minority, but still the Germany’s Nazi came with hate for Jews, making Jew’s life really hard and tough; people needed to find a lot of ways in able to survive. During this time, food was strictly rationed by the Germanys; they set the limitation of getting how many food they could get by giving them coupon. As time went by, the Germanys wanted to control everything, including some Jews businesses. Therefore, most of Jews lost their businesses. Because they lost their legal businesses, some Jews, including Vladek tried to find another way to continue their life by conducted black market business until one of them was executed for selling goods without coupons and was left to hang for days as a warning to others. The Germans also did some harsh actions to elderly Jews people. Vladek’s father told him that the Germans did some unkind actions toward Jews “in September the German soldiers grabbed many Jews in the street, they made us sing prayers while they laughed and beat us . . . and before letting us go, they cut off our breads and now the demons have taken away my seltzer factory” (Spiegelman I, 65). In 1943 all Jews were forced to leave Sosnowiec for ghetto in the nearby town of Srodule. “All Jews what are left in Sosnowiec must go to live in an old village nearby called Srodula [ghetto]” (Spiegelman I, 105). One night, an uncle of Anja's brother-in-law arrived; he wanted to keep Anja's sister Tosha , their daughter Bibbi, and Vladek’s son, Richie to live with
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him in nearby Zawiercie, where he had some influence. A short time later, all the children in Srodula were rounded up to be killed, and the Zawiercie ghetto was the next. Thus, this war was also affected young people because they also killed children.
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maus essay final - Hanifa Ayunisa HS 114 Assignment # II...

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