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What was life like for Vladek Spiegelman and other Jews during the Nazi occupation of Poland? Once he was sent there, how did he manage to survive in Auschwitz? Finally, how did Vladek's experiences during the holocaust seem to affect his relationship with his son, the author and artist of Maus? In 1939, Germany invaded Poland, and the invasion began on September 1, 1939. During this time life was really hard and tough; people needed to find a lot of ways in able to survive. Before German invaded Poland, life for Polish, including Jews were pleasing; they made a lot of profits by running their businesses, including Vladek Spiegelman. However, when the Germans began to invade Poland, everything was changing; life became tough. Most men in Poland were drafted to the war against German, and they also sent to the war prisoners if they got caught by the Germans organization named the Nazis. For example Vladek killed a person from German’s side; the Nazis came and realized that Vladek killed one of Germans because his gun was still hot; The Germans sent him to war prisoners. Life was hard for either the Polish or the Jews Polish, but for Jews, it was harder. The Germans made a different place for Polish prisoners and Jews prisoners; the Polish prisoners got heater cabins while the Jews prisoners had to stay in freezing tents. So, life was hard for Jews prisoners. The Germans also did some harsh actions to elderly Jews people. When Vladek succeed made his way back to his house from war prisoners, he saw that his father who was really religious lost his big beard. Vladek’s father told him that the Germans did some unkind actions toward Jews “in September the German soldiers grabbed many Jews in the street, they made us sing prayers while they laughed and beat us . . . and before letting us go, they cut off our breads and now the demons have taken away my seltzer factory” (Spiegelman I, 65).
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During this time, Jews people were also did not have enough food because food was strictly rationed by the Germans; they set the limitation of getting how many food they could get by giving them coupon. So, when Vladek came to his wife’s house, Anja, Anja’s grandmother told him that each of Jews prisoners got coupons for 8 ounces of bread a day, and a tiny bit of margarine, sugar and jam per week. As time went by, the Germans wanted to control everything, including some factories.
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maus essay - What was life like for Vladek Spiegelman and...

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