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3entente:France,GB,Russia.3alliance:Germany,A-H,Italy .6/28,1914,ArchdukeFrancisFerdinan was assassinated in BosnianCity of Sarajevo by a Bosnian activist who worked for the Black Hand,aSerbianTerroristOrganization, GavriloPrincep .Austria declared war on Serbia onjuly28.On 7/28, Tsar Nicholas II ordered a partial mobilization of the Russian army against Austria.On7/ 29, the Russian government ordered a full mobilization knowing that Germans’dConsider this an act of war against them a Germany gave 12 hours to halt their mobilization, Russia ignoredOn august 1, Germany declared war on RussiaThe schlieffen plan German had devised a military plan based on the assumption of a two-front war with France and RussiaMost of the German army would execute a rapid invasion of France before Russia could become effective.Plan: Germans’dAdvanceThroughBelgiumAQuickDefeatofFrenchA RearrangeToEastAgainstRussia. first battle of marne: French and British stooped germans and realized not quick victory. On8/3, German declared war on France.On august 4,
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