Russian revolution timeline

Russian revolution timeline - Russian Revolution 1....

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Russian Revolution 1. Introduction to Russia 1. Half of the people are subject races, belonging to lands which Russians concurred, most of which were unhappy under Russian Rule 2. Economy was the most backward of European powers 3. Tsar, Aristocrats, Middle-Class, Peasants and Town workers (high taxes, food shortages, insufficient lands, poor working conditions) 4. Absolute monarchy (has not undergone political modernization), divine right, hereditary rule, one-man show (army, church, Okhrana) 5. The Revolutionaries 5.1. Social Revolutionaries 5.1.1. Violent revolution to seize land and redistrubte 5.2. Marxists 5.2.1. Revolution into a communist state 5.2.2. Bolsheviks (asap) and Mensheviks (delay) 5.3. Liberals 5.3.1. Shun violence and share power between people and Tsar 2. Bloody Sunday (22 jan 1905) 1. 200000 Russians marched peacefully to Winter Palace to present a petition to the Tsar to demand a constitution, greater freedom and equality and better working conditions 2. Did not want a riot, even sang God Save the Tsar 3. But soldiers (Okhrana) opened fire, killing 500 4. Nicholas BLAMED even though he was not in St. Petersburg 5. Spontaneous revolution , army not reliable (battleship Potemkin mutinied instead of firing upon city) 6. Killed Tsar’s brother, Tsar Nicholas issues October Manifesto 7. Factors 7.1. 1904 defeat by Japan (criticism of government + food shortages) 7.2. Living conditions 8. Outcome
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Russian revolution timeline - Russian Revolution 1....

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