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MKTG 649 1 Case Analysis Process Case Process With case discussion we develop the: Ability to see interrelationships of facts Capacity to make sound decisions Skill to effectively communicate those decisions Art of listening to the ideas of others Recognition that there may be numerous effective ways to dealing with issues Understanding that there are many perspectives to an issue Tell me, I’ll forget; Show me, I may remember; Involve me, I’ll understand. An Old Proverb, Source Unknown Preparation Read the case quickly to see what is going on Review the exhibits Read preparation questions to help focus intent of the case Thoroughly re-read case and analyze available information Case Analysis: Steps Situation audit – SWOT analysis (Internal
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Unformatted text preview: Succinctly state the problem(s) Identify feasible alternative actions or programs Set criteria for comparing alternatives Analyze the alternatives Recommendations Making a Decision Specific and fully elaborated Clearly indicate key actions Take a stand (avoid generalities) Be clear on decision criteria Be prepared to state position and how to implement (develop a timetable) Be sure action recommendations are compatible Classroom Discussion Student roles Provide comprehensive analysis Identify the problem(s) Bail out a colleague Question a colleague Summarize the discussion Listen and keep an open mind Recognize discussion flow First case to be discussed: Avon...
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