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Unformatted text preview: MKTG 649, Fall 2009 Instructor: Mahmood Hussain, PhD Preliminary Proposal for the Marketing Plan Group ** 8: Your names ______________________________________ The marketing plan our group is interested in presenting will be focused on two potential businesses. The first is a cosmetic and beauty product organization, The Body Shop, and the other potential firm is the entertainment theme park Six Flags . The Body Shop One of the leading companies in cosmetic products which include body, bath, skin care, makeup, hair, fragrance, and home oil candles (Business Week, 2009) . The company was founded by Daim Anita Roddick in 1976, and sold to the French cosmetic maker L’Oreal in 2006 for $1.14 billion. (Johnston Publishing Limited, 2009) . The Body Shop owns 2,500 stores worldwide and employs 9,200 persons. In the past few years competition within the naturals market has intensified and the brand, which was once a pioneer within the sector, is falling behind ( Cosmeticsdesign-europe.com ). The use of natural and organic ingredients has increasingly become more common among cosmetic brands, thus squashing the competitive advantage The Body...
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