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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6: Legal & Ethical Behavior Merchants Call ADA Lawsuits S=fling Source: SF Chronicle 12/24/10 •  Pricing, Promo=onal, Product, Supply Chain •  Mergers, HR, Tax, ADA, SEC, Trade Major Federal Laws Ethical Behavior •  Buying, Selling, Employee Treatment Other Federal Laws State & Local Laws •  Zoning, Trade Prac=ces, Bldg Codes, Blue Laws, Franchising, Licensing Horizontal Price Fixing Ver2cal Price Fixing Price Discrimina=on Cost Jus=fica=on Defense •  Apple Computers Sold in College Market Changing Market Condi=ons Defense •  iPad 2 Release Renders iPads Obsolete Mee=ng Compe==on in Good Faith Defense •  AppleStore floods inventory with clearance pricing Decep=ve Pricing Predatory Pricing Constraints on Promo=ons DeceiXul Prac=ces Diversion of Adver=sing Sales Patronage •  Bait and Switch Prac=ces •  Puffery •  Palming Off •  Counterfei=ng •  Honesty in Product Representa=on and Credit Product Liability Product Issues Product Warran=es Product Safety Warran=es Implied Warran2es •  Merchantability Expressed Warran2es •  Fitness Dual Distribu=on Exclusive Dealing Supply Chain Issues Territorial Restric=ons Tying Agreements Territorial Restric=ons Dual Distribu=on Exclusive Dealing Tying Agreements Ethics in Retailing Ac=ng in a trustworthy, fair, honest, and respecXul manner with each of its cons=tuencies. Ethics in Retailing  Price gouging  False adver=sing  Selling to kids  Bashing compe=tors  Selling names  Posing as researcher  Misrepresen=ng products Employer‐ Employee Selling Buying Employee – Employer Rela2onships Misuse of Company Assets Employee The^ Job‐ Switching GROUP PROJECT TIME! ...
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