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MKTG 436.02 Exam #2 Study Guide – Spring 2011 Thursday April 14, 2011 – 5:10pm – 6:25pm, BUS 104 Chapter Six The _____ Act makes it a federal crime to defraud consumers through use of the mail. When all competitors agree to set prices at the same price, this is what? Why was the Sherman Antitrust Act was passed by the U.S. Congress? A manufacturer has informed its retailers that they must either sell its products at a certain price or no longer be supplied. The retailers agree to this, which is called what? What is illegal price discrimination? What are the three most common defenses available to suppliers charged with price discrimination? What occurs when a misleading price is used to lure customers into the store and usually there are hidden charges or the item advertised may be unavailable? What occurs when a retail chain charges different prices in different geographic areas in order to eliminate competition in those áreas? Bait-and-switch advertising is what? What is dual distribution? A _____ agreement exists when the supplier offers the retailer the exclusive distribution of a merchandise line or product, and in exchange the retailer agrees not to handle competing brands. An agreement whereby a supplier agrees to sell a retailer its most successful line of products on the condition that the retailer also purchase other new or less successful products from the supplier is called what? _____ consists of a company’s written policies that state the rules for moral behavior in the workplace.
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exam2_S11_study-guide - MKTG 436.02 Exam#2 Study Guide...

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