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welcome - merchandising product planning financial...

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Greetings, MKTG 436 students! My name is Rob Strong and I am looking forward to getting started working with you as your instructor this semester. I have been teaching this course at SF State since 1993. During that time American retailing has undergone dramatic transformations, the reason I find this class interesting and fun. Retailing is the "front end" of business, i.e. where the final sale transactions to actual consumers occur. The field is competitive, constantly evolving, and loaded with drama, art, psychology, creativity and technology. My goal this semester is to help you experience the world of retailing through a variety of perspectives including class discussions involving all aspects of retailing - strategic planning, market analysis, visual
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Unformatted text preview: merchandising, product planning, financial management, image, store location & layout, legal & tax considerations, technology, and more. An important part of this course is the involvement of guest speakers I've selected from a variety of industries to give you insights into potential career paths. You will hear from a variety of retail professionals - owners, executives, and consultants - who are sure to open your eyes and inspire you about the potential career opportunities in the exciting field of retailing. Most of you are graduating this semester and so I take this opportunity to contribute to your next step in life by providing some significant amount of contact with real life professionals....
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