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Mktg 443 Exam 2 Study Guide 1. What are rebates? When do manufacturers use rebates instead of coupons? 2. How are rebates processed? 3. What does current research say about rebate presentation formats? 4. What can loyalty programs do? 5. What are some of the rationale for loyalty programs? Are loyal program members really profitable? Why and/or why not? 6. What can a loyalty program do? 7. What are the disadvantages of loyalty programs? 8. What is value sharing? What are the rules for effective value sharing? 9. How can a company with a loyalty program expand its relationship with customers? 10. How should a company design its reward structure for its loyalty program? 11. Why are premiums used as a sales promotion tool? 12. What are the different types of premiums? 13. Why should or shouldn’t a company use on-pack premiums? Near pack premiums? Through the mail premiums? 14. What are the coupon distribution vehicles discussed in class? Which vehicle is the most popular? 15. Why should a company use direct mail? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
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Unformatted text preview: 16. What are the four media distribution vehicles for coupons? 17. What are the advantages and disadvantages of FSIs, ROPs, and Magazines? 18. Compare the two types of magazine coupons. 19. What are the four types of package distributed coupons? 20. What are retailer distributed coupons? 21. Does the internet change the way coupons are used? 22. What are the objectives in distributing coupons? 23. How do coupons have a direct impact on sales? 24. How can coupons be used to manage trade relationships? 25. How can coupons be used as a strategic tool? 26. Why is Dave Robinson considering three sales promotion options? 27. Describe the three sales promotion options being considered by Robinson. 28. Do these sales promotion options meet the objectives? 29. Should Sainsbury continue with the Nectar program? Why and/or why not? 30. How is value created in the Nectar program?...
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Exam2_Spring11_StudyGuide - 16 What are the four media...

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