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1/2 Spring 2009 MKTG 434 Group Project DEVELOPING AN ADVERTISING PLAN Writing Guidelines: 15 pages max. Double Space. 1” margins. Follow APA guidelines for the references. This project will give you and opportunity to act as an Account Planner at a big and successful ad agency. You will choose a brand to analyze and to develop an “Advertising Plan” for it. Your client will thus be the brand manager of the brand you choose. As an Account Planner, you will help your client to develop an understanding of target consumers of their brand. You will be collecting both secondary and primary data for this purpose. The insights that you will provide as an Account Planner will be used by your advertising agency’s Creative Team who will in turn create impactful and successful ads. ADVERTISING PLAN OUTLINE I. Defining the Problem A. Understanding the Key Fact Though there may be several key facts, you should only expect your advertising to tackle one problem, or deliver one message per campaign B. Advertising Objective Based on the Key Fact above, it’s important to make sure that advertising can potentially solve your client’s problem. All the advertising in the world cannot make a bad product better, but advertising can create awareness, change attitudes and
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Adv-Group_Project - Spring 2009 MKTG 434 Group Project...

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