MKTG434-02-Fall10 - 1/4 S PRING 2010 - M KTG 434-02 A...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/4 S PRING 2010 - M KTG 434-02 A DVERTISING T HEORY & P RACTICE Monday 4:10-6:55pm in B US222 (Pre-requisite: MKTG 431 Marketing Principles) G ÜLNUR T UMBAT, A ssistant P rofessor of M arketing E-mail: [email protected] O ffice H ours @ SCI 353 : Mon 11:00am-noon Wed 10:30am-noon & 3:00-3:30pm Mon 3:00-4:00pm T EXT - R equired : O’Guinn, Thomas, Chris Allen and Richard Semenik (2009), Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion , 5th Edition, South- Western Publishing, Cincinnati, Ohio. (There is a copy on reserve in the library) C OURSE D ESCRIPTION & O BJECTIVES : This course introduces you to the history, theory, concepts, social responsibility, management, and regulation of advertising. You will learn how the creative execution of advertising brings to life the values consumers seek in products and services. The course will also address broad based issues associated with advertising’s impact on individuals and society as a whole. Structurally, this course will explore advertising for a variety of organizations including private, for-profit, not-for profit, political and social ones. Specific objectives include exposure to and comprehension of: • The evolution and structure of the advertising industry; • The real economic, social and cultural role of advertising and conversely, the impact of society’s value on advertising; • The strategic function of advertising within the broader context of business and marketing; • The artistic, creativity and technical expertise required to produce effective advertisements; • The responsibilities and job functions of people who work in advertising and related fields. C OURSE F ORMAT : Advertising concepts and applications will be illustrated and the class discussions will be supplemented by examples, exercises, and video presentations. To be able to participate and facilitate class discussion, each student is expected to be prepared in advance. 2/4 C OURSE R EQUIREMENTS Exam 1 20% Exam 2 20% Exam 3 20% Group Project & Presentation 30% Participation & In-Class Exercises 10% Total Points...
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MKTG434-02-Fall10 - 1/4 S PRING 2010 - M KTG 434-02 A...

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