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633_Sec1_F10 - MKTG 633.1 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR FALL 2010 Day...

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MKTG 633.1 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR FALL 2010 Day & Time: Tues and Thurs 2:10-3:25 PM HSS 154 Instructor: Foo Nin Ho, Ph.D. (Email: [email protected]) Office: Science 313 Office Hours: Tues (5-7PM) & Thurs (12-2PM) Telephone: 338-6287 COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES Marketing begins and ends with the consumer -- from determining consumer needs to providing consumer satisfaction. Thus, a clear understanding of consumers is critical in successfully managing the marketing function in any organization, whether profit or nonprofit. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the study of consumer behavior. Sometimes, we will take the perspective of a marketing manager who needs an understanding of consumer behavior in order to develop, evaluate, and implement effective marketing strategies. These objectives will be accomplished by: 1. Lecture and case study/discussion of many concepts and theories from the behavioral sciences and analyze their usefulness for developing marketing strategies. 2. Pertinent articles related to consumer behavior (links provided below next to topic discussed in tentative schedule). The goal is for you to learn these key concepts and, more importantly, to develop your intellectual ability to apply them in analyzing consumer behavior and developing a deeper understanding of consumers. TEXTBOOK Required: 1. Solomon, Michael R. (2011), Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being , 9 th ed., Prentice Hall. 2. Syllabus, PowerPoint files are available on the iLearn website (http://sfsu.ilearn.edu). GRADING There are three examinations (including the final) and you are required to take all three exams. If you miss an exam, your grade for that exam will be zero (0) points. There are no make-up exams (except for very compelling reasons). Exams will be all multiple choice. Grades will be based on the following: Exams (3 exams – 1/3 each) 95% Research Experience* 5% 1
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*The marketing dept requires every student in MKTG 633 to participate in two one-hour research sessions during the semester (see attached information). A straight scale will be used in determining course grades: 94-100% A 77-79% C+ 90-93% A- 74-76% C 87-89% B+ 70-73% C- 84-86% B 67-69% D+ 80-83% B- 64-66% D 60-63% D- less than 60% F EXTRA CREDIT Occasionally, extra credit assignments or class attendance bonus may be given. If assigned, only students who are present when roll is taken on the day the assignment is given qualify for the extra credit.
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