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AAS 200 STUDY GUIDE #1 ____________________ Sec _____ CHINESE AMERICAN name: (6 points, due Wed Feb 10) SHORT ANSWER & IDENTIFICATION ITEMS. A brief answer showing you are familiar with the item is sufficient. Answer ONLY SIX (6). LEAVE TWO BLANK. Chinese labor (Takaki) – What kinds of work did they typically do after the railroads? (name 2) Orientalism (Okihiro) – Were Chinese stereotyped as ‘Orientals’ before or after immigration? class nature of racial antagonism (Almaguer) – why were Chinese viewed as a “tool” of the
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Unformatted text preview: capitalist class? history of the Old West and Asian Americans (Limerick) – What paradigm changes does she propose? (describe at least 1 of the 3) fate of Chinese prostitutes (Wegars) – Identify at least two outcomes. plantation paternalism (Takaki) – What is this about? Chinese laundryman as symbol (Takaki) – Why is this an appropriate symbol of racial subordination? Mississippi Chinese (Takaki) – What was the reason for Chinese appearing in Mississippi?...
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