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AAS 200 _____________________ Sec ________ 6 pts (due _________) name SHORT ANSWER & IDENTIFICATION ITEMS. A brief answer showing you are familiar with the item is sufficient. 1.Southeast Asian refugees: which groups came in the 1 st vs 2 nd waves? 1 st wave: 2 nd wave: reasons refugees have more adjustment problems than immigrants (give two) 2.on post-1965 Asian Americans (Takaki Ch 12) what is the ‘glass ceiling’? what important effect of the Vincent Chin case on Asian Americans? 3.on SE Asian refugees (K. Yang; S. Ui): name 2 places in U.S. that Hmong refugees are concentrated
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Unformatted text preview: ☞ identify 2 reasons women have emerged as leaders in Cambodian American community 4.on new Asian American communities ☞ explain ‘ethnoburb’ ☞ how are these different from the older Chinatowns, Japantowns? 5.on Arab Americans ☞ what is meant by ‘racial invisibility’? ☞ give 2 examples of overt racism encountered by Arab Americans 6.Takaki 13 ☞ give 2 reasons ‘model minority’ stereotype is inaccurate ☞ how are Asian Americans used in anti-affirmative action arguments...
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