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AAS 200 _____________________ Sec ________ 6 pts (due _________) name SHORT ANSWER & IDENTIFICATION ITEMS. A brief answer showing you are familiar with the item is sufficient. 1.Southeast Asian refugees: which groups came in the 1 st vs 2 nd waves? 1 st wave: 2 nd wave: reasons refugees have more adjustment problems than immigrants (give two) 2.on post-1965 Asian Americans (Takaki Ch 12) what is the ‘glass ceiling’? what important effect of the Vincent Chin case on Asian Americans? 3.on SE Asian refugees (K. Yang; S. Ui): name 2 places in U.S. that Hmong refugees are concentrated
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Unformatted text preview: identify 2 reasons women have emerged as leaders in Cambodian American community 4.on new Asian American communities explain ethnoburb how are these different from the older Chinatowns, Japantowns? 5.on Arab Americans what is meant by racial invisibility? give 2 examples of overt racism encountered by Arab Americans 6.Takaki 13 give 2 reasons model minority stereotype is inaccurate how are Asian Americans used in anti-affirmative action arguments...
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