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Ben Kobashigawa Office hours: Office: EP 104 Fri 1:10 pm Email: [email protected] or by appt. AAS 200 ASIAN AMERICAN HISTORY SYLLABUS COURSE AIMS (Official Description:) Introduction to the history of Asians in the United States of America. Comparative analysis and discussion of the experience of various Asian American groups and their place in the general history and development of American society. 3 units. (Learning Objectives:) a) understanding of the histories (oral and written) of Asians in America; b) examine the various factors shaping the Asian American experience; c) introduce a variety of perspectives for understanding and investigating Asian Americans today. COURSE TEXTS Ron Takaki, Strangers from a Different Shore: A History of Asian Americans , 2 nd edition (1998) Readings on Electronic Reserve REQUIREMENTS Short ID test on readings & lectures about 7 points each Midterm 30 points Final 39 points (Up to 3 points extra for class participation during semester) Grading system: Total points will be converted to percentage of total possible and standard cutoffs used to determine letter grades. Standard cutoffs will determine letter grades (A = 90%, B = 80%, C = 60%, D = 50%). Short ID tests: Distributed in class at intervals over the semester. The tests will draw primarily from the readings and focus on significant historical points. Cumulatively, they will also serve as study guides to prepare you for the Final Exam. No make-ups, attendance in class will be expected (unless you have a valid excuse). Final exam : Only one final exam (no midterm) will be given. It will be in two parts, the first part consisting of short identification items based on the readings and one or two essay questions covering the whole semester. Policy on late work
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AAS_200_SYLLABUS.s10 - Ben Kobashigawa Office EP 104 Email...

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