J_exclusion_movement - immigrant labor WWI transition:

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PRE-WAR JAPANESE EXCLUSION (anti-Japanese immigrant racial hegemony) 1st phase (1900, 1905-1913): culminating in 1913 Alien Land Law SOCIAL FORCES THEIR RACIAL PROJECTS SF Chronicle, 1905 Hearst Press , Sacramento Bee anti-Japanese measures immigration restriction alien land law Asiatic Exclusion League SF labor craft unions Anti-Jap Laundry League (founded SF, May 1905; leaders: P. McCarthy, A. Furuseth, W. MacArthur, O. Tveitmoe) (political parties) Progressive Party , 1910 Democratic Party (business interests ) employers of servants Chambers of Commerce big growers, Lee A. Phillips (65,000 acres) "voice of moderation" opposed anti-Japanese extremism, welcomed Japanese
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Unformatted text preview: immigrant labor WWI transition: "defenders" emerge church groups , Rev. Gulik as leader (sympathetic toward Japanese immigrants) academic intellectuals businessmen with commercial interests in Asia 2nd phase (1919-1924): culminating in 1920 Alien Land Law in California and 1924 Oriental Exclusion Act nationally Sacramento Bee , V. McClatchy (key figure) anti-Japanese measures immigration restriction + economic restrictions Native Sons of the Golden West American Legion (violent--Turlock incident, 1921) Calif. State Grange, Calif Farm Bureau (white farmers) (Calif Federation of Labor)...
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J_exclusion_movement - immigrant labor WWI transition:

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