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1 RACIAL SUBORDINATION OF PREWAR JAPANESE IMMIGRANTS PERMANENT SETTLEMENT & RESISTANCE TO OPPRESSION FORMS OF ANTI-JAPANESE EXCLUSION strategy of accomodation (conscious level) external: public education campaigns (J. publicists, etc.) internal: debates on assimilation, dual citizenship, Japanese language schools racial consciousness of whites: who controls Calif? "Yellow Peril" two versions of race theory: Antagonistic & Paternalistic economic niche as survival strategy economic niches: SF shoemakers vs. laundries/ agriculture, gardening * solid economic base of J. community: farmlaborer --> farming --> wholesale and retail produce in LA --> community institutions economic exclusion [Bonacich] immigration restriction + exclusion from manufacturing industry (no
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Unformatted text preview: jobs) + laws restricting other economic activities: alien land laws, etc. autonomous social & political life community institutions (J'town): family; kenjinkai, farmers' associations, trade associations; churches; retail services and trade; boarding houses; entertainment * (J. consulate); Nihonjinkai; Japanese newspapers * legal challenges: Supreme Court cases attacking alien land laws; Ozawa citizenship test case political disenfranchisement, social discrimination, segregation "alien ineligible for citizenship" as deprivation of political rights + segregation: restrictive covenants, intermarriage + social discrimination: school segregation, access to public places...
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